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The Ada Group

for first daughters

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The Ada group, is a mixed psychoeducational and processing therapy group for first daughters from Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian families. Throughout my time as a psychologist, I have seen several first daughters in my office who came in for various presenting problems. However, as we began to work together, I noticed several themes that cut across cultures and family backgrounds with first daughters – high levels of anxiety, difficulty in caring for themselves, significant fears of failure, an overwhelming sense of duty, and burnout. The role of being a first daughter oftentimes meant parentification and sacrificing their needs for the greater good. It meant loneliness even in the midst of being surrounded by people. As I continued to work with women in this role, I noticed the need for a space for them to connect with people who had similar experiences, share their experiences, express their emotions, and learn skills to help them to create the lives they desire. The Ada group aims to give first daughters a place for healing connection that tells them, they are more than their sacrifices. 

The Ada group runs quarterly for 8 weeks, please sign up here to receive more information.

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